Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX 6.5.3: This ActiveX allows to clean cache, history and cookies most of known browsers.

Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX 6.5.3

Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX 6.5.3 is a dll control to fast detect and delete temporary and privacy internet files (cache, history and cookies). Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX 6.5.3 supports most of known browsers, such as Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Inernet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Comodo Dragon Internet Browser, K-Meleon, Rockmelt, Flock, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, SeaMonkey, Chrome Plus, SRWare Iron, Pale Moon, Phoenix,

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Internet Browser Eraser 1.0: Internet Browser Eraser is an eraser software that ensures privacy

Internet Browser Eraser 1.0

Internet Browser Eraser is one of the most advanced internet eraser / cookie washer in its category. This program is equipped with features such as cleaning the secret index.dat file, typed url, cookies, cache, most recently used data among other things. It increases the speed of your PC by removing all unnnecessary files and thus makes more hard disk available for use. It also removes all traces of applications and internet history.

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Internet Image Browser 1.2: Pictures download manager to help you easy create and organize image collections

Internet Image Browser 1.2

Internet Image Browser is pictures download manager to collect pictures from web sites-just define starting URL! This download manager has smart algorithm to find out and download images, mp3, zips and other resources from Internet. Power build-in viewer gives you thumbnail image browser to create, view and manage downloaded and your favorite pictures. Internet Image Browser will helps you to organize your online and offline image collections, store

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Webcam Internet Browser Monitor 10.1: remote surveillance on the local webcam. Sound,Video,snapshot,exe alerts.

Webcam Internet Browser Monitor 10.1

Remote surveillance on the local webcam from the internet browser. It supports to monitor mult webcam at the same time. Different webcams could have the different alerts setting . The alerts could be fired by motion detection,schedulers,periods.The alerts includes the following typs:Sound,Video aExe,snapshot.

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CE Safe Browser 1.00: Browser with protection against malicious scripts. Perfect replacement for IE

CE Safe Browser 1.00

Internet browser. Don`t get me wrong, in many regards Internet Explorer is a good piece of software, but the vast majority of malicious wares you can pick up on the Net are aimed directly at Internet Explorer. Therefore, using a different browser is an excellent start. On top of that here is my list of main things your browser should give you. 1. Good security 2. Really easy to install 3. Really easy to use I could make a much longer list of smaller

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Firefox Community Edition Standard 1.00: A Community Edition of the excellent Internet browser, Firefox

Firefox Community Edition Standard 1.00

Internet browser Firefox. Firefox Community Edition Standard is an extremely easy browser to install and use. Why use Firefox? There is a long list of reasons but probably the single most important one is security. Firefox is less prone to a lot of the attacks of hackers and while it’s not a replacement for good anti spyware and antivirus software, it is huge help in the battle for your security and privacy on the Net. A lot of people are worried

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BrowserStar 2.8u: BrowserStar is your personal browser expert for Internet Explorer!

BrowserStar 2.8u

BrowserStar is your personal browser expert for Internet Explorer! BrowserStar can remove internet traces, for example by clearing unwanted cookies. Furthermore BrowserStar can clean your browser`s history and empty your browser-cache. BrowserStar also manages for your browser`s Favorites so you`ll be able to check, remove and edit each internet link. BrowserStar allows you to change and modify hidden settings of your Internet Explorer

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SlimBrowser 6.00.072: Fast & secure FREE web browser software with popup blocker and form filler

SlimBrowser 6.00.072

Browser is a fast and secure internet browser for Windows fully loaded with powerful features. It starts up quickly and opens web pages right in front of you with minimum delay. It is designed to let you browse the Internet carefree by guarding your personal information and protecting your privacy. SlimBrowser offers various functions and options so that you can go where you want and get whatever from you want from the Internet with as few clicks

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Abolimba Multibrowser 6.01: Powerful IE-compatible web browser with many additional features

Abolimba Multibrowser 6.01

browser is a powerful Internet browser that displays any number of web pages inside one window. By placing the web pages on individual tabs it allows for a convenient and controlled surfing experience. Conventional browsers often open a new window on the desktop, which can be very confusing at times. To render the pages Abolimba Multibrowser employs the capabilities of Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is part of the operating system. This ensures

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ACNE A tiny ACNE internet browser is based with no fancy features.


Internet browser is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer engine. ACNE browser has no fancy features like tabs, list of favorites, toolbars. It is intended to use by regular office worker, who uses Internet daily but doesn`t need these features and wants to stay under his chief`s eyes radar. The browser has only go, back, stop, refresh and quit buttons. Because its simplicity, ACNE starts really fast. You can hide browser by pressing a "Close window

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